Wednesday, May 7, 2008

An article for the man!

Some 147 years back, the largest mansion at the Jora Shanko region of Kolkata,reverberated with a mixture of cries and spells of laughter. Little did the people know that it was the beginning of an era, the birth of someone whom an entire nation would revere as Gurudev and that Literature was never going to be the same again.

Born in the sophisticated Thakur family, Rabindranath already had the touch of creativity in him. With people like Dwijendranath Tagore and Maharshi Debendranath Tagore in the family, it was in the cards for him to be atleast well-known in Bengal.

He was primarily educated at home. In 1878 he was sent to England to become a barrister.However,he came back to Calcutta in 1880 leaving it unfinished.His experiences in England would later find influences in his lyrical ballads and poetry.

Tagore was essentially a poet. Thus,eventually,we find a glimpse of intricate detail in all of his works be it the short story Balai or his musical Vakmiki Protibha. In particular Tagore had a deep love and reverence for nature which he was able to express through lyrical poetry.

In 1877, he wrote Bhikarini Ma, which was the first Bengali short story.In the same year, composed several works, including a long poem following the patterns of Maithali as pioneered by Vidyapati. He maintained that these were the lost works of Bhānusiha, a newly discovered 17th-century Vaisnava poet.Tagore was best known for his poetry,novels,plays and songs. He wrote four novels and eight other novellas. It includes the famous Ghare Baire,which was later put on the Silver Screen by Satyajit Ray. But, it is Sesher Kobita that proves his skill as a novelist. It follows the patterns of poetry and lyrical passage. Choker Bali is another notable work.More than half of his short stories are contained in his three volume Golpoguccho,which still remains the most popular short-story complilation in the language.Stories such as Nastanihr,which was made into Charulata by Ray, and Haimanti deal with the complex of human emotions.At thee age of sixty,Tagore became immensely interested in draings ang paintings.What started out in cancel-out's in his poems and stories,found it's place in the Art Galleries.The Dancing Girl, an ink on paper piece, is a well known Tagore illustration.Having composed around 2250 songs.Rabindrasangeet is now as synonymous with the Bengali culture as the language is.Rabindrasangeet even inspired the style of the likes of Amjad Ali Kha and Buddhadeb Dasgupta.He is the only person to have composed National Anthems of more than one country- Jana Gana Mana for India and Aaamar Shonar Bangla for Bangladesh.His music was primarily influenced byu the Thumri style of classical music.However,many of his tunes can be sourced to Rural and Folk music of Europe.

However,it was his poetry that put Tagore in the global Literary scene.He was primarily influenced by the classical and rishi poets,namely Kalidas,Kabir and Ved-Vyasa. Internationally,Gintajali or the Song Offerings is his best known work.His other works include Sonar Tori, Balaka and Purobi. Later with the advent of Modernist poets like Jibananada Das,he changed his style.Africa and Camalia are his better known later poems. His best translated poem remains,Where the mind is without fear.

Gitanjali fetched Tagore the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913. Tagore was famed throughout much of Europe, North America, and East Asia. He was key in founding Darlinton Hall School a progressive coeducational institution in Japan. He founded Shantineketan in the year 1901. Tagore's works were widely translated into English, Dutch, German, Spanish, and other European languages by the Czexh Indologist Vincenc Lesney and French Nobel laureate Andre Gaite.

Tagore still remains the most well-known Indian literary figure.He breathed his last on 7th August 1941.He was suffering from clong periods of illness.

Tagore left behind an entire generation of inspired minds,which still pay respect to the great soul.With him,we lost someone who wrote for the masses and lived for the eternity of literature as a whole. For someone who'd go on inspire the likes of Pablo Neruda , Gabriela Mistal and Octavio Paz, it was nothing surprising to assume the depth in his work and largely the universality in it.Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore was the perfect model of Jack of all trades and the perfect exception of Master of None, for whatever he did, he produced legends.a poet,a playwright, a novelist, a painter, a philosophist,a composer,a lyricist, and a visual artist.

The more we say about him,the more things are left to be said.

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Neighbour

It has been quite long that I developed this uncanny habit of noticing people's behaviour when I do not have anything else to do!(Well,sans studies.I mean I hardly do it. :D). My huge balcony is somewhat like an undaunted watch tower in the middle of the forest and the animals roaming about here and there.

I dare say,it has been quite an experience! People truly are so very unique in their own little way,whether it's an apparently innocent kid having his first bicycle ride in the busy street or the old man lookin greedily all over the place.

But my eyes have not only been restrained to watching people pass by.I saw what I never really bothered to.Infact,what most of us do not bother to notice.

For instance,how many of us notice the gentle rustle of the leaves in the cool wind.The intricate pinnate of the leaves,weaving some kind of unusual greenery.The birds chirping(Yes,something so very rare these days) and jumping around from one branch to the another.

Anyway,coming back to people now.The last day(it must have been around eleven in the morining when I saw a middle aged man,probably in is early fifties.He had this powerful glasses that was partly hidden under his unruffled hair.He was skinny and was dressed in a typical "senior-citizen" "white-stripes-on-blue-my favourite-shirt".He got down from the rickshaw(Although I did not have any idea then where he was coming from) with quite a difficulty and barely managed to stay in his feet while picking up two of his suitcases;both of which were of again that typical grey colour.

Our house has a portico,the only one remaining in the town.The rickshawalas often rest underneath it.The arrival of an unknown rickshaw made their eyebrows to rise and the arrival of an unknown face in town as small as Muthal is pretty "I-want-to-know-who-that-man-is".We pretty much know most of the people of our town.

You could say Muthal was the borderline between rural and urban of the district.So,we had shades of both the cultures.We had an AC Shopping mall and as well as a granary.Muthal was the sub-divisional headquarters.So,it was frequented by many government officials(whose quarters stood brilliantly off The Ganges).And so it was for our new guest.Yes,guest.

I happened to run down the winding staris into the banquet hall and peeped behind from the tapestry stand.And,I accumulated the following data:
Name:Atul Tarafdar
Occupation:Assistant to the Sub-Divisional Officer
Reason he was sitting on that chair:He is going to be my neighbour.We are going yo have a new tenant.He was renting the room beside mine for three years.

The room anyway, was unused since I shifted to this room now.The room was neatly made.The unused bed that was lying in the third floor was brought down.A book rack,a study and one almirah was also put in.The best part of my and now Atul Babu's room was that, it over looked out garden.So,we were most likely to be woken up by the chirping of the birds.

Atul Babu stepped in with a curious look in his eyes and have a give gleam in his experienced looking eyes and said "Ah! Eitah?. Besh Shundor"

Some day 5 years down the line......

The man looked over the lenses of his horn rimmed glasses and spoke with great elegance,"...and this is how Netaji fled from his house in Kolkata", and my sister,Anushka gave a sweet little smile.And next it was time for Atul Babu to play few Dylan songs in his Blues Harp. And,I would enter his room humming the lyrics.(This was pretty much usual for me). "Ah! Esho bosho. Pora holo?", he told.

Atul Babu would make a perfect gentleman to me. The one Satyajit Ray would dream of.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

If Man Utd be the food for hate.....

he other day I was just hanging around in the school fields with a certain friend of mine.We were talking soccer.Suddenly a bunch of eager faces pass by and I hear one of them screaming out,(now i do not know if that was intentional) "Ronaldo? O khelte paare naki?Ball niye nachleyi hoye gelo? Aar Rooney? What does he think himself to be??".And next what i hear is that"Ebar dekhis Tottenham bhalo khelte shuru korbe."

It did not take much time for me to realise that those few were the usual Arsenal-Chelsea fans or ARSEnal-ChelSHIT(if thats a better way of putting things).But the point here is that I fail to understand each time as in why do people tend to hate Manchester United just for nothing.A sane person requires atleast one particular reason to hate something or somebody.But when it comes to hating Man Utd its like "Hey...Lets hate Man Utd".Now how sick is that?

This reminds me of a song i used to hum all the time in my class 6-7 days - Boyzone's Love Me For A Reason(Did i get the name right?).Although i never really bothered to understand the meaning of the song :P.Its time now,I guess that i should sing the same song,just replacing "ME" with "MU" and "Love" with "Hate.I mean look dude this is hilarious, you suddenly start hating Man Utd for no specific reason?

OK, I understand if you are a fan of the rest three in the Fatal Four or AC Milan you've got all the reasons on earth to hate Man Utd, but if you are a Sunderland fanatic or a Villareal fan why would you hate Man Utd,unless of course you are playing them in the weekend.Its perfect to dislike a club if you are fan of another but u know what is like literally HATING!

In the past two decades Man Utd have given English football a whole new meaning and world football at large.They have easily become 'the' most supported club.But it surely does not form the bulk of the footballing fraternity.We(if I am allowed to say that) are the most succesful club since the inception of the English Premier League."Inital strugglers to later heroes".

Is the immense succes we boast about which makes others jealous and hence the hatred??If its that then people listen up.Here is what i say.Liverpool is a club I really look upto.Man just look at them , they are a FIVE time European Champion.And which makes them the most succesful English club along with their domestic glories.Well then why dont hate Liverpool?

Money matters.Oh yes, it does.Now I do remember that time and again Man Utd have been earning the highest revenue and is probably the richest club in the world.I wish that Beckham still being in the car.The shirt sales in an year alone would have bought a lower divison club! :P.
So, I presume you rightly get my point.Well,just the fact we are filthy rich is enough for people to you know what.When Malcom Glazer took over the club,accquiring 100% shares the club was under heavy debt and still is.But still they have easily managed to buy in players and mind you with huge amounts of sterling.Now thats the Man Utd way.

As my perplexity deepens even more,i find out another probable reason.Its the men who ultimately matter.Players.Man Utd have attracted some of the best players in the world and who each one of them is a legend.The named number 7 jersey alone has beared some of the best.Charlton...Best...Cantona..Beckham...Ronaldo.Man Utd have produced some of the best in their own positions.Schemiechel under the woodwork.Stam and Charlton before him.Beckham,Giggs,Best and Ronaldo on the wings.Then we had Roy Keane who redefined the holding position.In the frontline we boast abotu having legends like Cantona,Law and recently Van Nistelrooy and Rooney.These names are good enough for anyone to cast a black eye.But is Man Utd the only club with big names?Who is better than Real Madrid when it comes to having the biggest of names in the industry.So ,it pretty much comes down to the same thing.Just an EXCUSE!

I remain perpetually confused in this regard.Although i do have come to a probable conclusion.As the devil holds his head high, there reads few words below him - "THE WORLD'S GREATEST CLUB".I guess that sums up most of it.Does'nt it?

Till then keep hating Man Utd as they forge towards greater glories!

Glory, Glory, to Man Utd!